The impact of character branding through media: A case study of TV al-Hijrah’s Ustaz celebrity programme

Rosli Bin Mohammed


This study was conducted to see how character branding of religious individual whose known as Ustaz Celebrity relates to the programs aired on TVAlhijrah, in accordance with its concept as an Islamic station which broadcast one hundred percent Islamic-oriented content. This study was conducted based on qualitative findings involving in-depth "face to face” interview and also through telephone conversations, used as a research instrument. The researcher also conducted a survey in which the questionnaires are distributed to tor TVAlhijrah’s viewers. Respondents are divided into several categories such as age, gender and education level. Data from respondents, used to measure the characteristics of an ustaz which suits the title of ustaz celebrity and how their celebrities characteristic be able to used helping TVAlhijrah broadcasting their Islamic content. Transcripts, coding and data analysis was conducted using qualitative analysis. The results of this study can be used in helping TV Alhijrah to find more people to become Ustaz Celebrity in the future. It can also be used as a guideline for all TV station to choose Ustaz Celebrity to be anchoring their programmes. Character branding strategy through Ustaz Celebrity will attract more viewers to tune into TV stations as an alternative electronic medium that is capable of providing Islamic content in accordance with the requirements of syariah (Syariah Compliance)


media; TV al-hijra; Islam

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