Call for papers

Gender and Islam: Contemporary trends and developments in Scandinavia (special Issue, Spring 2023)

Eds.: Marianne Hafnor Bøe (University of Stavanger, Norway), Nina Jakku (Lund university, Sweden) & Pernille Friis Jensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Gender is a primary key for understanding Islam and Muslims in present day Scandinavia.  Through norms and regulations, gender is inherent to how Islam is governed, perceived and debated in public, but also pivotal for how Scandinavian Muslims understand, practice and negotiate their own religion.

The ways in which gender and Islam intersect in the Scandinavia setting have not previosly been explored in a joint publication of this kind. This Special Issue therefore entails a first and a timely opportunity to address these issues within the Scandinavian context and with contributions from all Scandinavian countries.

The editors of this Special Issue invite contributions from scholars, researchers and postgraduate students that explore contemporary trends and developments relevant to gender and Islam in Scandinavia. The contributions may be theoretical or empirical, or a combination of the two, and come from a variety of disciplines including Islamic studies, the study of religions, gender studies, anthropology, sociology, etc. Although this Special Issue focuses on gender and Islam in Scandinavia in contemporary perspectives, contributions that explore the historical lines and dimensions of present-day issues and concerns are also welcome.


Deadline for abstracts: September 15 2021

Deadline for submission of final manuscripts: April 15 2022

Expected publication date: Spring 2023

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