Sihr (Sorcery) in Sweden

The Potential Dark Side of Rites of Passage


  • Michael Marlow



demonic possession, exorcism, Islamic healing, jinn, ruqya, sihr, sorcery


This article describes the principles of sihr (sorcery) from an Islamic perspective, starting with discussion of how to become a sorcerer and how to perform sorcery with the help of satanic djinns and amulets. Then, ruqya, practices for countering sorcery with the aid of the Qur’an and Sunna, are exemplified in detail. Next, the article analyzes how these practices can be interpreted by means of ritual studies models and identifies the four components that are essential for a successful cure. Finally, the concepts of the sorcerer as a “counter-Muslim” and “the (negative) Other” are discussed.




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Marlow, M. (2022). Sihr (Sorcery) in Sweden: The Potential Dark Side of Rites of Passage. Scandinavian Journal of Islamic Studies, 16(2), 156–173.