• Marianne Hafnor Bøe
  • Nina Jakku
  • Pernille Friis Jensen



Gender is a primary key for understanding Islam and Muslims in present day Scandinavia. Through norms and regulations, gender has proven inherent to how Islam is governed, perceived, and debated in public, but also pivotal for how Scandinavian Muslims understand, practice and negotiate their own religion. Moreover, the correlation between gender and Islam is a topic addressed by an increasing number of researchers in the Scandinavian countries. In this special issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Islamic Studies, we have gathered a selection of the ongoing research in this field. The articles included here, offer a peak into some of the currents in the highly diverse and emerging research field gender and Islam in Scandinavia. They also give an idea of the breadth of topics, disciplines, approaches and perspectives involved in such studies.




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Bøe, M. H., Jakku, N., & Jensen, P. F. (2023). Introduction. Scandinavian Journal of Islamic Studies, 17(1), 6–10.